What is the duration of program?

Five Years

Why is this program needed? (Rationale of the program)

Pakistan is a developing country where the need for critical care is escalating owing to an increasing incidence of trauma, infectious diseases and a high burden of non-communicable diseases requiring organ support and monitoring in an intensive care setting. ICUs equipped with basic monitors and ventilators have mushroomed in both public and private sector in the last few decades. However, training of human resource has lagged behind. Many fully equipped ICUs at district level hospitals are non-operational due to dearth of trained staff and lives of many critically ill patients are in danger in the hands of unskilled and un trained doctors and paramedics. In order to improve the basic care of critically ill patients there is a dire need to promote training, education, awareness and research in this emerging field through structured training Programmes.

The College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP) is offering FCPS in Critical Care Medicine (CCM) after 2 years fellowship training from recognized institutions. However, the number of recognized centers and supervisors are few and candidates availing this opportunity is very small as this is secondary sub-specialty track and a second fellowship.

A direct-entry after MBBS in a structured Critical Care Medicine training programme (MD) with an opportunity to learn Acute Respiratory care within the dynamic environment of an intensive care unit by Ziauddin University, will go a long way in filling the human resource training gap in CCM.

What are the terminal objectives for this program?

Objective of the Critical Care Medicine (MDCCM) Master’s Programme is to train physicians who are equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitude, necessary to recognize and manage critically ill patients, who are accountable to the patients, society and the profession and develop a life-long commitment to academic excellence and professional development.

By the end of 5 years training program, the candidates will be able to;

  • Demonstrate the cognitive proficiency in the diagnosis and management of organ dysfunction, failure and support.
  • Interpret ECG, laboratory data and various imaging modalities.
  • Apply the principles of mechanical ventilation and weaning, haemodynamic monitoring, infection control and antibiotic use, nutrition support, analgesia, sedation and muscle relaxation to manage patients in intensive care unit.
  • Apply the physiological and other basic sciences concepts to explain and manage the organ dysfunctions seen critically ill patients.
  • Effectively use the prophylactic therapies and Care Bundles in managing critically ill patients in ICU.
  • Score the severity of illness using APACHE II or alternative scoring systems.
  • Provide efficient post-resuscitation and post-operative critical care.
  • Demonstrate clinical decision-making regarding appropriateness of admission to ICU and readiness of discharge from ICU, withholding and withdrawal of treatment
  • Demonstrate psychomotor skills according to the specified level of
  • Transport critically ill patients-intra and inter-hospital

Carry out brainstem function testing and interpretation.

Display a compassionate attitude towards patients and their families and sensitivity to patient’s cultural and religious beliefs.

Follow ethical principles pertaining to provision or withholding of clinical care, confidentiality of patient information and informed consent.

Eligibility Criteria

EducationM.B.B.S., or equivalent (recognized by PMDC)
Working experienceOne-year house job (recognized by PMDC)
OtherPreference will be given to those candidates who
have experience of ICU, CCU, Anaesthesia or chest

What will be the process of selection for this program?

ComponentsWeight age in selection process (%)
Written test30 %
Interview40 %
QualificationM.B.B.S marks sheet10 %
Working experienceHouse job10%
OtherExp. Anesthesia, Medicine or ICU/ CCU10 %

Fees Structure

  Application form Fees Rs. 5000/=
  Admission Fees Rs. 25,000/=
  Examination & Defence of Thesis Fees Rs. 75,000/=