Message from the Head of the Department

The practice of Clinical Medicine is currently being revolutionized by rapid and extraordinary technological advances in Molecular Biology areas such as Gene Therapy, Cancer, Virology and Immunological Disorders etc. This program is all about study of Medicine at Molecular level, applying principles of Cell and Molecular Biology in Health and Disease. Our goal is to inculcate the recent advances in Molecular Biology and Genetics for theoretical and practical training of Clinicians and Basic Biomedical Scientist as applied in Medicine for better understanding of the disease processes, diagnostics, treatment and prevention.

The practical implications of Omics has Widespread impact to characterize the Molecular and Genetic defects of diseases for optimal patient care at par with international standards. This newly emerging field may be a milestone for progressive pathway in academic medicine which is transforming the way we understand and treat diseases. Therefore, Ziauddin University takes a   lead with great pride for launching the Masters & PhD programs in Molecular Medicine for Physicians.

Prof. Dr. Talat Mirza

Executive Director Research & Meritorious Professor Pathology