M.Phil. in Molecular Medicine


Ziauddin University (ZU) is well-known for its reputation in research excellence, innovation, and quality of education. The postgraduate program in Health Sciences started at ZU in 1997.

Through excellence in teaching, training and research, prepare scholars to address the priority heath needs by conducting the research and disseminating the findings to create a better world.

Salient Features of the Program

  • State of the art infrastructure.
  • Convenient class schedule
  • Cost effective fee structure
  • Friendly and conductive working environment.
  • Supervision and training of the researchers by highly qualified and trained Ph.D. faculty members in Molecular Medicine.

Scope of the Program

The purpose of the Molecular medicine M.Phil. Program is to develop knowledge and skills that has got wide spread applications in both basic sciences and clinical work at the medical institutions, research and development (R & D) organizations, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, molecular biology laboratories and clinical labs etc.

M.Phil. in Molecular Medicine provides excellent training for clinical and science graduates looking to pursue further research (including PhD study) and also those interested in a career in clinical service or a related discipline. The experience gained during the course is excellent preparation for a PhD in the UK or elsewhere.

The graduates will be well placed to take advantage of employment opportunities in the life science, biotech and pharmaceutical industries, academics, research, and hospitals, including practical clinical work and technical executive positions in hospital laboratories. The research degree would always be an additional academic qualification in all fields for clinical faculty to give a research edge for promotions on various academic posts. Training based education is largely focused on high quality clinical care but the academic institutions require additional research acumen for the generation of new knowledge from evidence based medicine therefore; they can work as research associates/ research officers and scientists in clinical departments.

Eligibility Criteria

Sixteen years of education in Biological Sciences (Biochemistry, Genetics, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Medical Technology, Physiology etc.), M.B.B.S., B.D.S., D.V.M., Eastern Medicine and Pharm.D. or equivalent degree from HEC recognized institutions with Minimum CGPA 2.00/4.00 in B.S./M.Sc. in semester system or 60% marks in annual system.

Fee Structure

M.Phil. Fee Structure on PKR (Rs.)
Fee Structure
GAT Exam5000
Admission Fee50,000
Semester I
Tuition fees10000/credit hr (12 cr. hr)120000
Examination fees Semester11,500
Total Payable Amount131500
Semester II
Tuition fees10000/credit hr (12 cr. hr)120000
Examination fees Semester11,500
Total Payable Amount131500
Semester III
Supervision Fees10000/credit hr (12 cr. hr)60000
Semester IV
Supervision Fees10000/credit hr (6 cr. hr)60000
Payable Amount438,000
Thesis Defence Fee75000
Total Payable amount (if completed in 4 semesters)513,000
Total Payable amount513,000

Note: Supervision fee applicable till submission of the thesis to examination department.


Contact Person

Director Postgraduate Programme
Prof. Dr. Shamim Mushtaq, Ph.D.
Extension: 2594 and 2595