Following services are being delivered in the community of Sikanderabad under supervision of Ziauddin University Department of Family Medicine.

1) Primary health care clinics Running six days a week where consultant family physicians see patients at a minimal cost of Rs.50. Clinics include women and child health, mental health clinic, elderly care , Asthma and immunization program. Also physiotherapy and dentistry services are offered.

2) Adult literacy program: 5 schools are being run in the community where women are trained for basic mathematical concepts to make them capable enough to do minor transactions.

3) Computer training program: Men and women are trained in basic computer literacy to make them eligible to acquire jobs as receptionist/ cashier etc.

4) Sewing course for girls to make them able to learn the skill and contribute to their families and become productive members of the society.

5) Community Health worker course in which men and women are trained to triage patients, take vitals, be able to put intramuscular and intravenous injections and dispense medicines in the pharmacy.

The concept of Community-Academia partnership was initiated in 1997 with the establishment of Ziauddin University as a policy decision to increase access to healthcare for its nearby population. Professor N.A. Jafarey the 1stVice Chancellor of the university was strong proponent of civic engagement of academic institutions. In pursuance of this objective, the Department of Family Medicine was formed with principles of Community Family Medicine as core guidelines.
The engagement between Ziauddin’s University students of multiple disciplines, the team from the department of Family Medicine and Community Health Sciences together with the Sikanderabad community has resulted in the development of strategic
guidelines for comprehensive health care delivery. The program is run inside a primary health care center donated by the community. Community members and university students from the faculties of medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy and pharmacy work collaboratively to provide primary health care. Though the center is open to everyone,women are the main beneficiaries.The mutual trust and teamwork have facilitated the implementation of various programs that has led to increased utilization of services and equitable access to healthcare and to making in-roads in the areas of adult Female Literacy and vocational training; resulting in continued efforts in community empowerment and the development of a self-sustainable
and replicable, indigenous model of health care.
The global award winning health care program has ensured in the successful immunization drives through door-to-door student campaigns, significantly helping to raise the community’s awareness of health issues and interest these endeavors have led Sikandarabad to stand as a polio free area.
Ziauddin University student’s civic initiatives organized form time to time through their organizations such as KARA and AIDS has helped in building bridges in striving to achieve health objectives, with community fully engaged and empowered In 2016 Ziauddin University Karachi earned the 2nd place in the prestigious MacJannet Prize for Global Citizenship, for its Sikanderabad- Ziauddin Community partnership initiative. . More details about the MacJannet Award can be found on the following Tallories Network website:http://talloiresnetwork.tufts.edu/2016-macjannet-prize-winners/