Vision Statement

Revolutionize healthcare through a structured program focusing on management, research, education, systems improvement, training and development.

Mission Statement

To inculcate managerial competencies in healthcare professionals and bringing them at par with the changing global scenario.


Develop, monitor, evaluate, review and maintain a Postgraduate curriculum that provides:

1. An essential core of knowledge and skills, concepts, tools and techniques of management and administration
2. Basic concepts and techniques of problem- solving, data evaluation and assessment
3. Computer application to health information
4. Relevant correlations between management, finance and IT application to health care, through interdisciplinary courses and through early and continuous exposure to health care delivery facilities
5. A thorough grounding in professional ethics in Health System Management needed to interact appropriately with other care-providers, administrators, patients and their families.

Who Should Apply?

Hospital Administrators, Medical Directors, Unit Head of Hospitals, Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Health technicians, Pharmacists, Doctors in Public sector health system, NGO Personnel

Timing & Modus Operand II

1. A student should undertake 4 courses per Semester
2. Saturdays (2 pm to 9 pm) and Sundays (10am to 5pm)

Eligibility Criteria

For Post Graduate Diploma Leading to Masters Program, the applicant must have a Bachelor’s degree from HEC recognized educational institution in Medicine and Allied (nursing, pharmacy, biomedical engineering etc..)

1. 14 years education with 2 years’ post- qualification work experience (preferred)
2. 16/17 years education with 1 year post-qualification work experience (preferred)

Fee Structure

Processing Fee PKR 5000/-
Admission fee PKR 20000/-
(non refundable)
Degree Certificate fee PKR 10000/-
Fee per course PKR 25000/-
(if paid in full)
Fee per course PKR 30000/-
(if paid in installments)


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