Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

At Ziauddin College of Medicine a student is identified as an adult learner and is expected to utilise inborn capabilities to adapt and understand the rapidly changing academic atmosphere around the world.

Academic schedule for the MBBS degree programme, reflects the innovative system-based course. The first three years of training are divided into semesters and each year comprises of two semesters. For the clinical training and experience the students are rotated through all three hospitals affiliated with the University.

Ziauddin College of Medicine has taken the initiative of improving quality of medical education by fostering adult learning styles, catering to the requirements of the students and early introduction of clinical experience. In order to facilitate student learning, the basic medical sciences curriculum utilises multiple instructional and assessment strategies.

The course content is presented with a Body System based Modular approach which is in line with regulations of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council for MBBS degree. Emphasis is given to the development of conceptual understanding and the ability to construct knowledge for oneself. The students are actively involved in their learning process and assessment involves examining the learner’s entire conceptual network, not just focusing on discreet facts and principles.

Curriculum reviews are taken place critically on regular basis to incorporate content updates in the form of themes for quality improvement purposes. Patient Safety is one of these integrated themes introduced in MBBS curriculum.

Faculty from Basic Health Sciences (BHS), Community Health Sciences (CHS) and Clinical Sciences are collaboratively engaged in teaching programmes. As a result, students develop a comprehensive understanding and holistic approach to recognise and solve healthcare problems.

The primary health care programme run by the university (PHC) serves as educational site for community based training. The PHC programme is a unique prototype of partnership between academia, local NGOs, government and international NGOs for education, research and service.

Eligibility Criteria

I. General Criteria For Admission

The general criteria for students seeking admission to MBBS degree programme are as follows:

Minimum 60% marks in Pre-Medical group of Higher Secondary Certificate Examination held by a recognized Board of Intermediate Education in Pakistan. Students (Local and Overseas) are required to take a written test (MCQs) and appear for an interview.

Proficiency in English language, both in written and verbal expression is required.

Students with GCE Cambridge/London, Advance Level (A-Level), American High School Diploma, and other equivalent Certificates or Diplomas, an equivalence to HSC (Pre Medical) will be required as per the guidelines of HEC

II. Local Students

Documents to be submitted for admission:

  • Duly filled in admission form of Ziauddin College of Medicine.
  • Photographs (5 passport size).
  • One copy each of mark sheets of Secondary School Certificate (SSC Part I and II).
  • One copy of Secondary School Certificate (if available).
  • One copy of mark sheets of Higher Secondary Certificate (Part I and II). If results of HSC Part II have not been declared by the concerned board, admit card of HSC Part II examination must be submitted.
  • For students with GCE Cambridge/London, one copy each of the transcript of ‘O’ level and ‘A’ level examination results.
  • IBCC equivalence certificate for O & A Levels/any other international qualification results.
  • One copy of National Identity Card (In case NIC is not available, ‘B’ form with a copy of Parent’s / Guardian’s NIC must be submitted).

Student Selection:

Final selection of local students is decided on the basis of their performance in the following:

  • Secondary School Certificate
  • Higher Secondary Certificate
  • Ziauddin University Test
  • Interview

III. Admission Criteria For Overseas Students

The university has defined the category of Overseas Students as follows (As per PM&DC guidelines):

  • Wards of Pakistanis residing abroad.
  • Students sponsored by their relatives or friends residing abroad.
  • Students who have completed High School from aboard.

Change to Local Resident status will not be allowed to those admitted as Overseas Students.

IV. For High School Graduates Of Usa/Canada

  • One copy of High School Certificate (Grade 9-12 or 13) attested by the School Principal/ Officer.
  • IBCC equivalence certificate with 60% marks.
  • Overseas/Foreign students may apply on the basis of SAT-II score provided they have a score of 550 and above in Biology, Chemistry, Physics/Mathematics and are required to obtain a NOC from Pakistan Medical and Dental Council.

Note: Before submitting applications, applicants must ensure that they have complied with the instructions given with the application form. It remains the responsibility of the applicant to submit application according to the instructions. Students are expected to submit photocopies of documents along with the application and originals for the purpose of verification by the university. If required, university will check the authenticity of the documents submitted with the concerned school, college, board or university.

V. For Students Who Have Graduated From Overseas Pakistani Schools

Documents to be submitted for admission:

  • Duly filled in application form of Ziauddin University along with the required non-refundable fee in US dollars.
  • One copy each of mark sheets of Secondary School Certificate (SSC Part I and II).
  • One copy each of mark sheets of Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC Part I and II Pre-Medical). (In case the result of HSC Part II has not been declared by the concerned Board, photocopy of admit card of HSC Part II examination must be submitted).
  • For students completing GCE, Cambridge London, one copy each of ‘O’ and ‘A’ Levels transcripts.
  • IBCC equivalence certificate with 60% marks.

Test & Interview

VI. Aptitude Test

The university conducts an Aptitude Test for all eligible local and overseas candidates. The test consists of Multiple Choice questions of various types. The test comprises four to five sections designed to assess each applicant’s performance in the areas of:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • General Knowledge
  • Aptitude
  • English

The level of questions in sections of Biology, Physics and Chemistry correspond to that expected at the end of Intermediate Examination or equivalent qualifications e.g.12th Year.


VII. Interview

Short listed applicants are interviewed to assess their suitability to complete MBBS course and pursue a career in health sciences.


VIII. Notification Of Admission

The Registrar of the university will notify students who are successful in the admission process. Successful applicants are given a deadline by which to accept the offer of admission. Offers not accepted by the given deadline are cancelled.


IX. Requirements For Selected Students

Successful students selected for MBBS programme are expected to fulfil the following:

Verification of Educational Testimonials:

Original transcripts, mark sheets, certificates to be brought for attestation by the university.

Medical Examination:

The undergraduate programme is both physically and mentally demanding. Students offered admission are required to undergo a comprehensive medical examination including laboratory investigations and chest X-ray, before they are allowed to join classes.


Clinical experience carries a small personal risk of infection. In their own interest, and also in the interest of patients and others, students must provide evidence of immunization against the following: Tuberculosis (BCG), Diphtheria, Poliomyelitis, Pertussis, Hepatitis B, Tetanus, Measles/Mumps (and Rubella for females)

Fee Structure

Local Applicants
Application Processing Fees Rs. 5,000/-
Admission Fee Rs. 50,000/-(Non-Refundable)
University Fees Rs. 290,000 /-
Tuition Fee Rs. 780,000/- (First Year)
Examination Fee Rs. 21,000/-
Overseas Applicants
Application Processing Fees US $100
Admission Fee US $3,000
Tuition Fee US $14,143 (First Year)
Examination Fee Rs. 21,000/-
Other Charges For Both Local And Overseas Students
Security Deposit Rs. 25,000/-
Medical Examination Fee Rs. 6,000/-
Documentation Fees Rs. 8,000/-

Payment of Fees: On receiving offer of admission from the Registrar of the University, students are expected to deposit the required (non-refundable) admission and tuition fees within the due date mentioned in the offer letter. If the required fee is not submitted within the specified date the admission will stand cancelled.

Note: Any additional taxes imposed by the government will be the liability of the students/parents/guardian.
The University reserves the right to increase the fees if required according to the recommendation of the Governing Body.

Examination Fee will be charged separately

Advance fees to be paid annually. All dues need to be cleared within two weeks of commencement of academic year. 2% surcharge per month will be levied on outstanding fees after the due date.


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